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Ranks Within the guildEdit

The Ranking system is built entirely on the trust of the leader and his officers have for you. If we trust you, we can give you more responsibility safe in the knowlege that you will not destroy what we have created. Simple.


Ferkisai. Created the guild, Has all the rights and is very willing to use them. Proud owner of the Ban-Broom.

Second in commands,

Nubasaurus and Shnookumfumble, Have all the same rights as the leader. They Co-Founded this guild so should be treated as leaders. If Ferk is not avalable please do not hesitate to question them.

Dogsbodys (Officers)

People who we feel we can entrust with the running of the guild. Genuinely awesome people. They have the right to invite new members and manage the ranks/exp.


Those who have shown they can be trusted with looking after members. Giving advice and keeping the guild chat sexy.


Long serving and trustworthy members. Well on there way to gaining new rights and ranks.


We didnt scare you off! Huzzah!


Still shiny and new, Had a taste of the guild and know how it works.

On Trial,

Brand spanking new! While you are here you will be under judgement from the Leaders and Officers.


For whatever reason you will now have to prove yourself to us. 50% exp donation, No rights. No respect. Persevere through this and old ranks and rights will be restored. Time spent on this rank will be dependant on what you did to earn this punishment and if you have learned from your mistake. The Ban-Broom will be hovering over your head.

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